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On this web site you will find details of a Compilation of 100 Short Talks on the Craft
Published in Ten Volumes

Entitled:NEW - now available as Audio Recordings on CD

A Daily Advancement in Masonic Knowledge

Researched and Edited by

R.J. Hollins
Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies
of the United Grand Lodge of England

These One-Hundred Short Talks have been specifically produced for members of the Craft within the English Constitution in the form of specially arranged short and entertaining Lectures to provide Lodges at Regular Meetings and at Lodges of Instruction with a valuable resource of information that is intended to be used as a manual of Masonic Educational material.

Selected Short Talks on Audio CD

In keeping with modern technology, we have now made a selection of the Short Talks available as an AUDIO recording
on CD.  Ten of the short talks have been professionally recorded by the Author and produced as a 2-CD set.

Click HERE to see full details of this exciting development!

The Three Craft Degrees

The third and final book in the series The Three Craft Degrees, entitled "Raised on the Five Points of Fellowship" is now available.  Click HERE for details.

Short Talk Selections...

A series of four booklets - each containing a selection of Twenty Short Talks - taken from the 100 Short Talks.
The booklets are aimed specifically towards the Entered Apprentice, the Fellowcraft, the Master Mason and the Master Elect.  Expressly for Members of the Craft who have an enquiring mind and would like to know more about the ceremonies they have been involved in or are about to be involved in!

See the following pages for full details of this compilation of Short Talks:

Twenty Short Talks for the Entered Apprentice
Twenty Short Talks for the Fellowcraft
Twenty Short Talks for the Master Mason
Twenty Short Talks for the Master Elect and The Worshipful Master

The Masonic Mentor's Compendium

An essential guide to setting up a Masonic Mentoring programme in a Craft Lodge
See this page for full details of the new collection

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